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I say tomato

I was at a gathering for writers. The leader talked about whipping out x thousands of words a day, getting so-and-so to help edit the final manuscript, another to do the book design, etc. and getting it up on Amazon as fast as possible to get those sales made and dollars rolling in. Leader made writing and publishing a book--a whole book!--sound as easy as popping a frozen bean burrito in the microwave for lunch. Leader recommended using an online global freelancer site for editing and related services, and noted that he used someone from overseas because the people in the U.S. "just charge too much." Leader also mentioned a family member who has been working on a book for "three years now." And with the shake of the head said the family member, "is never going to finish." I've been working on my book for over seven years. I won't be going back...

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Yay! Memoirs!

  When I first came across a display of YAY! LiFE! magnets at Denver's Tattered Cover Book Store, I immediately thought of my friend Heather Kennedy. Heather has been saying "YAY!" for years. Not in a shouty way like the all-caps and exclamation point might suggest, but in a simple conversational way, a lighthearted expression of in-the-moment joy. "Yay, Champassion!" she would say upon receiving her favorite drink at Hotel San Jose lounge in Austin, where we both lived a few years back. "Yay! This is fun!" she said recently as we settled into our seats at a Rockies game, now both residents of Colorado. As you can see, you can apply YAY! to pretty much anything (although you might want to be careful about what you put on the back of your car; as far as I can tell, the YAY! DELOUSING! magnet has yet to be developed). YAY! serves as both mini-applause and...

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7-Year Hitch: Vowing to Finish What We Started

We came to be out of shock, grief, coping, and resolve. "I need you," I said. "I trust you." "You help me make sense of things." "Whether I bitch, moan, laugh or cry, you're always there. Always." A few years later, things changed. "You're still here." "Sometimes you bug me and I need my space." "I think we're stuck." "We should talk to someone." ~ Sound familiar, writers? Have you ever started a loving relationship with a project and hit a crossroads? I never thought we'd be together this long, me and my cancer journal cum memoir. We've had our ups and downs, but with sound counsel from developmental editor, Alan Rinzler, bottomless encouragement from loved ones, and a lot of hard work, we picked up the pace the last few years and as of 2013 my memoir manuscript is mostly done. Great, right? Right. Our relationship has gone to the next level. But there's more to do to ensure our story gets...

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