Dena Taylor | breast cancer survivor
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New oncologist, fading nerves – Part 2

Well that was weird. With one exception, everything I thought would take place at the new oncologist's office, didn't. In my last post I mentioned going to a new Denver oncologist (onco) for my annual followup. Since finishing treatment and five years of tamoxifen, I've been monitored with: Annual digital mammograms (despite implants, my previous surgeon felt that it would capture microcalcifications in any trace tissue, since technically, it's impossible to remove every last trace) Manual exams Tumor marker blood test Vitamin D levels (associated with cancer risk) Some sort of discussion about whether or not I'm peri-menopausal ("Are the heat waves I still get two years after finishing tamoxifen a sign? If so, when for the love of God will they stop?") I figured we'd knock out each item plus the following: Discuss whether I should take tamoxifen for another five years (studies have shown it to be beneficial for women who had early-state ER/PR positive cancer, like...

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