Dena Taylor | breast cancer memoir
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About the Book & Blog

One-third-life crises happen. Ever have one? I was healthy, single, in my early 30s, and working as a creative project manager in Seattle when mine hit. Everything was fine but fine wasn't cutting it. So, I got busy, did a little self-reflection, took a few risks, tried out some new ideas, and by the time I was 36, had transitioned to freelance copywriter, budding actor and new resident of Austin, Texas. I did my homework Prepared what I could And jumped Almost. The move was delayed when a routine mammogram, prompted by my mother's recent non-invasive breast cancer, revealed microcalcifications in my left breast. I was diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH), which isn't cancer but is a red flag requiring mammograms every six months for two years. I didn't have cancer I jumped For real this time For the next three years, I embraced the warmth and romance of Austin. There were many attractions to discover, men...

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7-Year Hitch: Vowing to Finish What We Started

We came to be out of shock, grief, coping, and resolve. "I need you," I said. "I trust you." "You help me make sense of things." "Whether I bitch, moan, laugh or cry, you're always there. Always." A few years later, things changed. "You're still here." "Sometimes you bug me and I need my space." "I think we're stuck." "We should talk to someone." ~ Sound familiar, writers? Have you ever started a loving relationship with a project and hit a crossroads? I never thought we'd be together this long, me and my cancer journal cum memoir. We've had our ups and downs, but with sound counsel from developmental editor, Alan Rinzler, bottomless encouragement from loved ones, and a lot of hard work, we picked up the pace the last few years and as of 2013 my memoir manuscript is mostly done. Great, right? Right. Our relationship has gone to the next level. But there's more to do to ensure our story gets...

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