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7-Year Hitch: Vowing to Finish What We Started

We came to be out of shock, grief, coping, and resolve. "I need you," I said. "I trust you." "You help me make sense of things." "Whether I bitch, moan, laugh or cry, you're always there. Always." A few years later, things changed. "You're still here." "Sometimes you bug me and I need my space." "I think we're stuck." "We should talk to someone." ~ Sound familiar, writers? Have you ever started a loving relationship with a project and hit a crossroads? I never thought we'd be together this long, me and my cancer journal cum memoir. We've had our ups and downs, but with sound counsel from developmental editor, Alan Rinzler, bottomless encouragement from loved ones, and a lot of hard work, we picked up the pace the last few years and as of 2013 my memoir manuscript is mostly done. Great, right? Right. Our relationship has gone to the next level. But there's more to do to ensure our story gets...

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8 Things that Seem Easier than Building an Author Platform

Ask anyone in the business, building a new author platform is really hard and can take a really long time. Throw in that it's for an as yet unagented memoir and well, almost anything seems easier. 8 Things that Seem Easier than Building an Author Platform Scrubbing the floor of an Irish pub the morning after St. Patrick’s Day with the feather of a baby hummingbird. Adhering eyelash extensions to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the movie Prisoners. Meeting a single, straight man in his late 40s willing to date a single, straight female over 40. Deconstructing Anthony Weiner’s sext messages with my 83-year-old mother. Employing Ted Cruz’s eyebrows to procure an important message from a Ouija board. Taking my cross-eyed shelter cat for a walk on a leash at night through a strobe-lit park during a falconry exhibition. Twerking without an ibuprofen or Icy Hot chaser. Eating a McRib. Thankfully, expert advice on platform development can be found online. It's...

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