Dena Taylor | Breast Cancer
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Tamoxifen: A User’s Glossary

Tamoxifeng shui – The pleasing arrangement of an industrial sized fan and block of ice next to one's bed Tamoxifender bender – What happens when my sweaty hands slip off the steering wheel Tamoxifeind – The dominant mental state of a hot flasher wearing a wool sweater, wool pants, wool socks and fleece-lined boots Tamoxiferno – My hot flashing ass Tamoxifence – The dubious moment before a hot flasher screams or cries Tamoxifanity - Various expletives used in describing a hot flash, e.g. It's so fucking hot; Shit it's hot; It's too damn hot Tamoxifetish – An unnatural desire to press a bag of frozen vegetable medley on one's bare flesh Tamoxifeud – The result of anyone standing in the way of me and my freezer Tamoxifree – How Stella gets her temperature back Tamoxifun – This word not found...

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Dear Santa,

This year, when you’re making your list and checking it twice, and finding out who is naughty and nice, you might also want to find out who had to go through chemo, who lost their hair and who had to endure months of nausea, and adjust your gifts accordingly.  If not, Santa, the ASPCA might find out just exactly how you and your reindeer stay so warm on those cold winter nights. You better watch out. Indeed....

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