Boy-Man meets Lady-Girl. They flirt. They smile. Individually, they entertain inappropriate thoughts about acrobatic positions and butter. Boy gets Girl’s number. She beams. She gushes. She blathers on in great detail to her friends about how cute he is. Even though he has a single wonky tooth. Boy mentions his “totally hot chick” encounter to Continue Reading


Coffee shop Hey, I have to use the restroom. Would you mind watching my stuff for a sec? Yes. Thanks. I mean, yes, I would mind. I’ll just be a sec. If it’s not too much trouble. Actually, I find it very troubling. Seriously? Yeah, but mainly, I just don’t wanna. “Don’t wanna?” Yeah, I Continue Reading


On the way to a friend’s for dinner, I stopped by the Randall’s grocery store for some sangria makings. After entering the parking lot, I slowed down and considered my parking options. Just as I turned into a space I noticed that I had a Rav4 crawling up my ass. “Dude, it’s a parking lot,” Continue Reading


Well, it’s nice to see not everyone has given in to Botox! Don’t tell me–Mom’s blue eyes and Daddy’s thighs. I used to work for an escort service. You remind me of my ex-mother-in-law. Nice woman but after the accident she just let herself go. When I was five I got my hand caught in Continue Reading


Courtesy of my sister. MOM: My printer isn’t working and no one will help me!!! SIS: Maybe you could call Carmen’s husband, or Tony. Bake him a pie and I’m sure he’ll fix it. Or, I can call someone for you. MOM: (forlornly) Yeah, right. No one is going to come. The next day. MOM: Continue Reading


I’m not sure what has drawn my mother to the post office in the last few years but like Angelina to adoption, politicians to guys named Joe or squirrels to nuts, she’s hooked. Through what we now refer to as MPS, or Mom’s Parcel Service, we, her offspring, can expect to receive a minimum of Continue Reading


I’ve been back for almost two weeks. The first week–a jet lagged haze–contained moments of stark contrast. Walking to the coffee shop, for example, I was struck by the pavement–glorious pavement–everywhere I looked. A car passed and no dust was kicked up and sprinkled on my face or clothes. Then I noticed the care with Continue Reading


Habari! Thursday’s trip to Arusha, to sit in on a Rwanda Tribunal trial was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had here–second only to being honored with the children’s affections and attending Elizabeth Ryan’s memorial. I shamefully admit that I was ignorant this was still going on. I’m embarrassed to say I never took Continue Reading


Jambo, At breakfast, the day after my last post, my nursery school cohort felt nauseous. Her symptoms weren’t unlike another volunteer’s symptoms, the latter of which attributed it to sunstroke from a weekend excursion to a nearby lodge featuring a shiny pool, lounge chairs and intense sun due to our proximity to the equator. Since Continue Reading


Mambo (what’s up? sort of. you reply, poa…it’s what the young hip folks say), Saturday three of us headed down a new road with our driver/guide, whose nickname is Toyota–exactly what you think. As is the case with many roads here, the pavement gives way to the hard uneven crevices shaped in the rainy season. Continue Reading